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About Us
About Us

Introduction of ChinAfrica magazine

ChinAfrica was launched in January 1988. It is one of the products of BEIJING REVIEW.

Targeting an African audience, ChinAfrica is one of China’s first major periodicals printed and published in Africa. This monthly magazine features news, views and analysis. It is published in both English and French.

ChinAfrica aims at promoting understanding between peoples of China and African countries and contributing to the enhancement of China-Africa cooperative partnership.

In terms of the contents, ChinAfrica reports and comments on the current affairs and major events in China and Africa, provide in-depth analysis on the status quo and trend of China-Africa exchanges and cooperation, and offer Chinese perspective on hot topics related to Africa. The magazine also reports on business and cultural contacts between China and African countries and provides relevant practical service information.

ChinAfrica targets a niche market in Africa as well as high-end international readers interested in China-Africa relations. The readers mainly include: government officials, major political parties and business executives in Africa, international organizations for African affairs, Chinese and African academics and media workers.

ChinAfrica is available in China and throughout Africa, with a circulation of 30,000 copies per issue (both English and French). Distribution of the magazine is subscription-based. ChinAfrica English edition is printed and sold in South Africa and French edition is printed and sold in Senegal.

Besides, ChinAfrica also has online editions in three languages – Chinese, English and French. Meanwhile, it has official accounts on social media such as Sina Weibo, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. 


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