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Apology for Our Delay

Year:1991 Issue:1

Column: To Our Readers


Release Date:1991-01-20

Page: 4

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Ever since the French edition of Chinafrique came out early in 1988, letters have been arriving from Africa and other parts of the world asking for an English edition.

We wish to express our apology for the delay in publishing the English edition. In fact, in order to meet our readers’ demands we have been striving to solve shortages of manpower and funds. Not wanting to delay the publication any further, we have decided to publish Chinafrica in English as of January 1991.

In 1990, we published four trial issues in English. We received in response nearly 1,000 letters offering us comments and suggestions. Three years ago, when the French edition of Chinafrica was first published, we said “we will cover achievements made by the Chinese and African peoples in various fields.” Today, we will continue to do so to let the world know that third world countries can, through their own efforts and assiduous work, overcome various difficulties and achieve progress.

All nations and countries need to have a strong will, as well as the help of sincere friends. Hence, co-operation is imperative between African countries, between China and African countries, and between third world countries. Since our magazine focuses on introducing experiences gained from vitalizing the economies and cultures of China, African countries and other developing countries, many African friends believe the magazine to be a new and effective form of South-South co-operation. No doubt we will do our best to promote this co-operation. But, to realize this goal, we need our readers’ support and help.

On behalf of the staff members of Chinafrica, I wish to extend my sincere regards to our friends all over the world.


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