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Year:1991 Issue:1

Column: AFRICA


Release Date:1991-01-20

Page: 32

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Africa The 5th Union of Radio and Television Network of Africa (URTNA) “Screen 90” opened in Nairobi on November 19. The URTNA Screen is an annual event for African broadcasters to exchange TV programmes on agriculture, education, science, culture and entertainment. Kenyan Minister Kanyi said that African countries should enhance information exchanges to deal with the misrepresentation of Africa in foreign media.

The URTNA, the sole pan-African electronic mass media organization will continue to help Africa achieve its development goals. As of this year, the union will start broadcasting news to African countries by satellite.

IAC A regional African conference on harmful traditional practices (HTPS)affecting the health of women and children opened in Addis Ababa on November 19 to intensify the protection campaign for African women and children.

This gathering of the 2nd conference of the Inter-African Committee (IAC) discussed traditional practices and their potential role in HIV-AIDs transmission, early childhood marriage and pregnancy, and nutritional taboos. During the six-day meeting, the stress was laid on the urgent need to stop HTPS; it was also stated that social values, attitudes and practices were often responsible for the current crisis in Africa.

OAU Opening a four-day symposium on “ Academic Freedom and Social Responsibility of Africa’s Intellectuals” in Kampala on November 26, Ugandan President Museveni said that the lack of academic freedom will gradually disappear in Africa with the increasing democratization under way.

The President and Chairman of the OAU warned, however, against mistaking academic freedom for licence. Sometimes African intellectuals do not act responsibly and leave their countries for greener pastures. By so doing they are simply postponing development in their homelands.

Africa Educators from eight African countries opened a workshop in Addis Ababa on October 23 to discuss the development and production of didactic materials for continuing education and exchanges.

The gathering stressed the importance of basic education for adults. Attending the bilingual workshop organized by the Ethiopian Education Ministry in co-operation with the UNESCO were professionals from Cote d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Mali, Togo, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia.

LCBC The 39th meeting on November 21 of the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) in Abika, Nigeria's new capital, called for more efforts to restore Lake Chad’s ecosystem and sustain development of the continental basin.

Ministers from the four LCBC member states, Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon, expressed satisfaction with the planning and management project of the basin’s water resources. All agreed to complete specific jobs on boundary demarcation before June, in preparation for an extraordinary session. The meeting approved a budget of 400 million francs CFA for the 1991 programmes and appealed to international donor agencies and friendly countries for assistance.

Tanzania Tanzania formulated a new plan for the total eradication of illiteracy in the country by the end of the century.

The plan was worked out after a government review of adult education. The government will open libraries in villages and publish more newspapers for rural areas. It will also launch special anti-illiteracy campaigns in several problematic areas where adult education programmes are being marred by cultural practices. The country's adult education institutions will conduct more courses and prepare for the establishment of an open university.

Zimbabwe President Mugabe called on Zimbabweans to plant more trees to ensure the success of a government reforestation programme.

On December 1, at the annual tree-planting ceremony in Harare, Mugabe said that his government is implementing a seven-year programme to conserve forests. Although so far reforestation efforts have not reached their goal and each year 60,000 hectares of forest are cleared for farming, over 8 million trees have been planted in the past years.

PTA Kenyan Vice-President Saitoti called upon African countries to speedup economic integration to meet common challenges arising from the changing world situation.

In the two-day meeting of finance ministers of the Preferential Trade Area(PTA), Saitoti argued for an African monetary harmonization programme leading to a monetary union as part of the economic integration process.

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