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Dalongtan Minoriry Villages

Year:1991 Issue:10



Release Date:1991-10-20

Page: 0049

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Dalongtan, located 4 km away from Liuzhou in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has since 1986 become a popular tourist site.

Surrounded by emerald mountains, clear waters, thick forests and many historical sites, the area is dotted with 13 stockaded villages inhabited by people of the Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong, Dai and other minority nationalities.

Covering an area of 1,000 hectares, Dalongtan has 24 uniquely shaped peaks. Some resemble graceful girls. Others look like war batteries, peacocks spreading their tails or embracing lovers. Mountains are set off by three ponds and one lake which shine like bright mirrors and provide a fresh breeze and a feeling of serenity.

Visitors to the area appreciate not only the graceful natural scenery, local customs, cultures and traditions, but also the varied architecture. The most striking piece of local architecture is the huge and splendid Fengyu Bridge of the Dong nationality. In fact, the bridge is a long corridor flanked by multi-storey buildings, with benches on each end for tourists to rest. Another building typical of the Dong nationality architecture is the 20.5-metre-high, nine-storey Drum Tower. The tower is a wood structure built without the use of a single nail. Whenever needed, the drum inside is beaten to summon Dong people to meeting. People of the Dai nationality live in bamboo houses built on stilts. This type of building protects them from wild animals, and is comfortable and cool.

Wangyuelou (enjoying the moon) is a building built by the Yao people halfway up the mountain for young couples to meet in the evening. Yao custom, however, demands that young men enter the building through the windows.

Another treat for tourists is to try local snacks and dishes. Miao bamboo fish is the most popular delicacy. The fish is first pickled, then wrapped in bamboo leaves held together with two bamboo pieces and roasted over a fire. In Dalongtan, each nationality has its own special food which visitors can try to their hearts’ content.

Apart from the unique architecture and special food, tourists can appreciate many local activities, such as taking carts for a sightseeing trip through the villages, and watching Zhuang girls selecting their boyfriends by throwing embroidered balls among a group of boys.

Customs such as these make Dalongtan a window to enjoy the varied culture of south China's minority nationalities.

A bamboo house of the Yao nationality. CAO JING

A bamboo house of the Yao nationality. CAO JING

Dalongtan's beautiful landscape. CAO JING

Dalongtan's beautiful landscape. CAO JING

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